Hot Rods are cars which have been customized for performance, and/or appearance. The term became popular during and after World War II, particularly in California, originally meaning an old car which had been modified by reducing weight, lowering it, modifying, tuning, or replacing the engine to give more power, and changing the wheels and tires to improve traction and handling. The term may have originated from "hot roadster;" it was used in the 1950s and 1960s as a derogatory term for any car that did not fit into the mainstream. Street Rods are our passion and combining the latest components with custom fabricated parts for your project is vital to deliver you a one of a kind Street Rod. We will build your project with the right stance, ride height, wheel / tire combination, interior design and paint scheme to a final product you will be proud of for a lifetime. When having a Street Rod built, it makes sense to visit a facility in person and meet the people who will be building your project first hand to inspect the finished work allowing you to make the correct choice. Once you witness our system and quality workmanship you will be confident that you have chosen the right company.

At Bad Boyz Toyz'z, we specialize in building custom Street Rods to your specifications. A Street Rod has often been referred to as a vehicle built in 1949 or earlier, but that is looked at differently in the minds of many people. The need to customize and personalize one's favorite body style to a piece of rolling art is a fast growing trend. A Rod or Custom project can be any body style that your heart is attached to. We build Street Rods and Custom Cars from 1932 to 1950 vehicles. Our in house fabrication shop can build a custom chassis or any part that your mind can imagine. Our super straight body work can be examined from any angle to view the consistent 3/16 panel gaps and a ripple free painted surface. Any changes from factory stock are agreed on with your signature approval.

If you've ever picked up a magazine, walked a car show, or checked out the local cruise scene...chances are you've seen our work. A fixture in the Hot Rod world for years, Bad Boyz Toyzz have taken their Hot Rod hobby and nurtured it into a efficient and thriving business.

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